Bring the coveted Japanese paper to your desk with these minimal drawing pads

In an age of sophisticated apps and devices, the simplicity of paper can actually help remind us to think outside the box.

There are definitely many things that apps on our computers and mobile devices can do that would be nearly impossible in the physical world. They can turn back time to undo mistakes, make multiple copies of a project, and use a single stylus for both drawing in pencil and painting in color. Those conveniences, however, can sometimes turn into crutches, and these digital tools can sometimes bring more distractions and confusion to our consciousness. That’s why many creatives from different disciplines still have a love for paper, and this simple yet evocative drawing pad is the perfect break that your brain needs to get those ideas flowing.

Designer: Tenkei Project for Ito Bindery

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There is something to be said of paper, both as a medium and as a metaphor for creativity. Despite physical limitations, the blank canvas invites the mind to wander and put your indelible mark on it. At the same time, the physicality and texture of paper also serve as a bit of anchor and distraction to some parts of our brain, leaving the creative side to work better. To some extent, it is one of the earliest forms of what would be categorized today as fidget toys.

When it comes to the different kinds of paper, Japanese paper is often held in high regard because of its smoothness, softness, and ironic toughness. It is often the paper of choice for calligraphy, drafting, and many other disciplines that require paper that can withstand the merciless stabbing and slicing of a sharp pen nib. It is also perfect for sketching art, creating designs, and any other creative pursuit, accepting your ideas and your mistakes with the serenity and openness of a blank page.

These are the thoughts and emotions that will welcome you whenever you take out these Drawing Pads mounted on a black base. The classic white paper invites a clean start, while the contrasting color of the black mount gives a foundation of stability, anchoring the infinite to the finite. The black paper, in comparison, intrigues and challenges the mind, blending seamlessly into its black base. It’s like the darkness at the infancy of the universe, the pause before a Bing Bang of creativity.

The Black Mount isn’t merely for show, of course. It holds the paper sheets together right at the perforated header, making it effortless to tear off pages, hopefully for filing. It is also made from recycled cardboard, making both paper and base a statement of sustainability as they are of creativity. Even when the end of their use comes, your conscience remains as clear as the paper this pad once held.

Whether it’s for professional work or for simply letting your creative juices splash, paper remains the perfect medium that will withstand even this age of apps and computers. Simple yet beautiful, bare yet full of potential, this Drawing Pad Black Mount lets you ponder, draw, and design with simplicity, a striking visual reminder that sometimes, the best designs and the best products are the simplest ones.

Click Here to Buy Now: $26