McLaren’s mean looking MSO X


Spotted, dotted and covered with pure exhilarating design, the McLaren Special Operations X (MSO X) is a bespoke collection of ten road-legal race cars, built for speed. Aesthetically edgy, and mean to look at, the MSO X is McLaren’s division, dedicated to helping push McLaren owner’s precise tastes and dreams to the edge. Having launched in 2011, the MSO program is somewhat of a most elite group of individuals – and you would have to be in order to purchase one of these bespoke road demons.

MSO offers five tiers, and the MSO X is easily the most exciting. Focused primarily on track racing, the road-legal race car has all the trims and details of something that should be covered in sponsorship. The large swoop along either side of the car breaks up this otherwise flawless body. While the drips of red that are carefully placed around the car help to highlight and accentuate features like the rear fins and the front hood lock. Quite a low body, and well evened out, the MSO X models look mean, and I’m sure they’re ready to do business.

Designer: McLaren