Tetris Tables are the Best Tables!


Tables are usually made for bringing people together – however, the Tetris Table is designed for people to bring it together. Beijing studio ‘People’s Industrial Design Office’ has developed a set of tables that can be separated, then be rearranged and slotted back together in any configuration the user wishes. These tables were designed to “accommodate the unpredictable needs of companies in flux.” Given the name, there are 5 different table shapes which fit together similar to that of the Tetris tiles.

These tables aren’t just a fun way to manipulate workspaces they’re space-saving too – the Tetris Tables are stacked after use to make storing them away a breeze. Not only this, they slot together in a tight fit, friction style which makes assembly and disassembly of arrangements quick and easy.

Designer: People’s Industrial Design Office (PIDO)