Spongebob fans! This Pineapple Villa will top your travel bucket list!

What is helping me get by these trying times is thinking about all the things I would do or places I will visit once the pandemic ends. Somewhere in the middle of all the wishful thinking and watching cartoons, I came across Spongebob’s Pineapple Villa and I had to look at it thrice to make sure my mind was not playing tricks on me. I can confirm it is real, the Pineapple from Bikini Bottom is actually a part of Nickelodeon’s resort in Punta Cana, and friends, that is where I want to be relaxing if we get our summer back. Welcome to Home Sweet Pineapple!

I will happily trade 124 Conch Street for a vacation in the Dominican Republic. The Pineapple Villa is not an exact replica of our beloved sea sponge’s home but, it is a lot more luxurious and human-friendly! The decor inside the villa has many iconic elements of Spongebob’s humble abode to make you feel like you are in Bikini Bottom – like the blue bamboo wallpaper, the floaty chair, the bulls-eye window, and the diving-helmet shaped tv. It has a private master suite with a king-size bed, both indoor and outdoor living as well as dining areas, and a complete marble bathroom. But my favorite part about the pineapple under the sea (or on land in this case) is the Aguas del Amor outdoor shower and freestanding tub. If that wasn’t enough, you can stroll through the villa’s private gardens, the Pineapple’s very own infinity pool or lounge on the sun-bathing beds while enjoying some of the show’s famous burgers. Anything outdoor that comes with butler-service at this point has my full attention.

“The 2-bedroom/3-bath Pineapple features all of the modern amenities and luxurious accommodations found in the Super Villas, but with a unique twist: all who enter are instantly immersed in SpongeBob’s world,” say those managing the iconic yellow structure. What makes me feel warm inside (yes, I realize I feel that way for a cartoon) is that this is probably the life Spongebob dreamed of having instead of flipping burgers. But what I do know for sure is that he would bury himself in the sand before he coughed up $3,800 per night.

Designer: Nickelodeon