Retro Macintosh Theme with icons gives your MacBook a vintage 1984 Apple vibe!

Sure you can have an M1 chip inside your Apple machine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be old school!

Aptly titled OS (which stands both for operating system as well as old school), this wallpaper and icon pack from Ben Vessey gives your bleeding-edge MacBook or iMac a nifty retro appeal. Back in 2021, Vessey made a similar set of icons for the iPhone that used Apple’s ‘Shortcuts’ workaround to let you make bespoke shortcuts for operations on your phone. The OS extends this same vintage appeal to the Mac machines too, with the original ‘hello’ wallpaper from the 1984 Mac, and a pack of 166 matching vintage icons for all your common software and apps.

Designer: Ben Vessey

Vessey’s OS comes in both dark as well as light themes, depending on which look you’re going for. Each pack includes 5 dynamic macOS wallpapers in 6k, so the wallpaper doesn’t pixelate on even your high-end iMac displays.

Most of Vessey’s painstaking work can be seen in the individual app icons he designed for all the popular apps. Sure, Apple’s own apps got a vintage makeover, but Vessey had to make vintage versions of almost every conceivable software/app ever as well as for extensions and folders. You can view some of his work below.

Once you change the wallpaper, applying the icons is easy using an external client like IconChamp (not included with the pack). Vessey’s pack, however, does include icon files for the Mac as well as for Windows, should you choose to give your non-Apple machine a makeover! You can buy the OS (Old School) – Silver pack on Vessey’s website for £5.99 ($7.49), or splurge on the Gold pack for £49.99 which also includes 5 custom icons of your choice.