Stackable Storage for your data!


Modular, colorful, and with a UI that’s seriously to die for, the UP Memory Tower by Anton Repponen is like the Towers Of Hanoi game meets storage. With a connecting base at the bottom and a cooling fan at the very top, Repponen’s stackable storage allows you to, intuitively build your own hard drive using vertically stacked, color-coded individual disks of storage.

The disks range from 1 to 8 terabytes of storage (there’s even a speckled 2Tb hard disk for LeManoosh lovers!) and the color coding helps to let you segregate the drives based on content. The drives stack on top of each other, and connect via the base to a laptop or desktop, where an incredibly intuitive and beautiful UI makes it easy to configure and control your data. Designed clearly for creatives, the UP Memory Tower is absolutely perfect for photographers, video editors, designers and others who frequently work with large file sizes. In fact I’m writing a letter to Anton right now to start building prototypes for mass manufacture!

Designer: Anton Repponen