A backpack for your iMac


The Mac Caddy is just pure genius, from concept, to execution, to even the name (Mac Daddy, geddit?)! The Mac Caddy is, in short, a desk-declutterer. It uses the iMac’s slim design and the fat bezel at the top to create a nice storage unit that hangs stealthily at the back of your iMac, away from sight, but within reach. The caddy holds everything from your bits and bobs (it even comes with a small stationery container), keeping things easy to access without the negative side-effects of a messy table. The caddy’s design comes with a slit on its side which makes it easy to store wired devices like your phone while it’s charging or connected to the machine, or even a hard-drive that sits in the caddy, perpetually connected to the USB at the base of the iMac’s back. Another brilliant design decision was to include the webcam guard into the caddy’s design. The removable guard sits on the lip of the Mac Caddy, covering your webcam to protect your privacy, and can be easily removed when you need to use the webcam for a web chat or an AMA, or in case you’re one of those rare Twitch gamers who games on a Mac. Either way, your viewers will definitely appreciate how clean and minimal your desk/workspace is!

Designer: Quan Li of MAQE