Clickety-Clack is back!

As a long standing fan of tactile keyboards, it brings me great pleasure to talk about the Ten Key Calculator. It IS in fact a calculator, but it’s also much more. Let’s really appreciate its design before we get into the details.

Made with mechanical keys from top to bottom, it’s an honest pleasure typing on the Ten Key. The keys travel roughly 3-4 millimeters when pressed, and honestly, that’s the golden number. You also tend to hear the clack-clack sound when you type on these keyboards, and while it’s considered a disturbance to some, most find it very pleasing. Therapeutic almost. Couple that with the keypad’s minimal/clean yet chunky aesthetic and you get something that looks retro and novel at the same time!

The calculator, while built to look like one, even serves as a numpad for computers. It connects to laptops (which usually don’t have numpads) via a MiniUSB to USB cable, fully integrating with the computer and becoming a proper peripheral that can be used for everything from accounting to even gaming. Plus, will you look at that candy-red! Heart palpitations happening!

Designer: Industrial Facility for IDEA Japan