This Car Got One Fat Lip

Oh you’ve made a car have you? Pshaw! Anyone can do – you designed it in 30 days? It must be terrible! Oh, for your 30th Anniversary, you say? Much better! Oh I can see it? Can’t wait to see – oh. Oh my. That is sleek looking! And no doors? Oh and it’s bluish-purply – Prince approved! *Flash Forward 9 Months*

Two Doors!? White?! Hulk-smashed?! Oh my goodness!

If you’re an avid reader of Autoblog, you might know about the I.DE.A ERA Concept car, which, as I so parodied above, was put together, concept to model, in 30 days, commemorating 30 years of the I.DE.A Institute! Well, now, what do we have here? It’s an updated model.

Open topped and big faced in the front and back. Looks like someone took a whallop. Gull-wing doors (I love it!) plus a monstrously strange trunk as its psychological rear feather. And as Autoblog speaketh, so shall this car be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next month. With maybe some more of that blue-purple paint?

Designer: I.DE.A Institute


  • Hurly says:

    It’s a frilly Aston meets Speedracer job. So derivative it hurts.

  • Chung Dha says:

    It is the aston marting meets saab aero x

  • I kind of like it, but the front reminds me of a blue whale.

  • Luke says:

    It’s almost sleek and sexy. Almost.

    It’s like a butterface with a small pot belly. At first glance, she looks really fine. Then you take a good look and get really turned off.

    • powers says:

      What I like to call – when it comes to cars – Alias Goggles. I had the same thing happen; at first glance it seemed pretty smart, then I started looking at some of the different angles and proportions and realized I had mistakenly left my Alias Goggles on. I suppose it’s OK for a months work though.

    • KwangErn says:

      Bang on! Some parts are just slightly too bold to make it complete IMHO, eg the back.

  • will says:

    If I was in Death Race 2000 this would be the car for me. Bonnet is perfect height for chopping childrens heads clean off

  • stephen russell says:

    Looks like dressed up BMW Z4 coupe.
    Ok shape nothing radical about it.
    Too Conventional, nice lines, more Aero

  • mikel says:

    Not bad at all. Do you have any variants of this model… tweaks, mods, etc?

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