Hate the steering yoke? This dynamic steering wheel design gives you the benefits of a yoke and wheel

With a design that feels like a hybrid between a wheel and yoke, the Wheel X shapeshifts between both types, depending on exactly whether you want control or thrill while riding.

The yoke gets a bad rap because it isn’t particularly user-friendly in regular cars. Often found on racecars and on jets, the yoke is designed for a sturdy grip and force-based steering – something that regular cars don’t need. However, Tesla decided to provide a yoke on their latest Model S and Model X cars, much to the chagrin of drivers. Designed, however, to sort of oscillate between both styles, the Wheel X by Zijie Liu comes with a circular format but sports grips that expand outwards to give a yoke-inspired experience. Moreover, it comes with a rotating dashboard that gives you the option of virtual and analog-style meters while driving.

Designer: Zijie Liu

Wheel X’s experience can be divided into two states – Natural and Sport. In the “Natural” state, the Wheel X assumes the shape of a traditional round, smooth steering wheel. However, when the user presses a button, the Wheel X enters into its “Sport” state, and it will automatically rotate the grip to transform from an “O” shape to a “W” shape. Upon entering the Sport mode, the texture on the wheel/yoke gets enhanced too, providing a much better grip while controlling and steering your car.

Another interesting aspect about the Wheel X is its dynamic dashboard, which goes from a flat backlit display to a more analog one. While the flat display is more data drive, providing information like navigation along with speed, the analog display is much more traditional, with a speedometer, oil gauge, and fuel gauge.

What the Wheel X does is unique, giving drivers a choice when it comes to the kind of control interface they want while driving.  Designer Zijie Liu also mentions that the Wheel X could easily support unmanned driving, with the flat dashboard providing commute-related information.

The Wheel X steering wheel is a Silver Winner of the A’ Design Award for the year 2022.