This smart helmet with dynamic LEDs and a sleek design keeps you fashionable and safe!

We’re seeing an unprecedented shift to biking. It’s healthy, inexpensive, and in a world where we’re all working from home, it’s more expedient because commutes are usually much shorter – to the grocery or a friend’s place and back. However, it has its share of issues too… Most biking accidents occur because bicycles are inherently quiet and relatively invisible – especially in low-light conditions.

The FARO helmet hopes to make bicycling safer and more convenient during this cycling-boom. It comes with a sleek design that’s reminiscent of the kind of helmets scooterists wear, and sports LED strips on the front and back, along with their signature Hidden Light that helps people around you be aware of your presence. The helmet’s integrated lights are a more effective alternative to bike-mounted lights that often get stolen or just aren’t visible enough because they are located down low. Given that FARO’s lights are at eye level, they provide maximum visibility too, while also giving an indication of the direction you’re looking in.

By combining safety along with style, and a slew of smart features, the FARO is a helmet that’s designed to be desirable. Its sleek hard-shell design comes with minimalist vents for easy air-circulation, a weatherproof Fabric Liner on the back, and a uniquely pleasant magnetic closure around your chin. While its sleek, minimalist aesthetic truly sets it apart (making it perhaps one of the few helmets you’ll WANT to wear), its smart features like the automatic brake-light, fall-detection, and a sleek handlebar remote (for the indicators) give it the edge over most off-the-shelf bike helmets.

The FARO helmet comes with a protective ABS+PC outer-shell that conforms to International Certification standards, along with a MIPS inner for extra safety. It features an LED strip on the front as well as the back, but its most defining element is the Hidden Light that sits under the fabric liner. All the lights can be personalized via the FARO app, allowing you to set colors and patterns a battery consumption. The helmet has an automatic brake-light built in and uses an accelerometer to detect when you’re slowing down. The handlebar remote lets you easily switch on the FARO’s indicator system, which lets drivers behind know which way you’re turning. You can also connect your helmet to the app and activate the fall-detection feature, allowing you to send out an SOS alert to an emergency contact if you ever suffer a fall.

The helmet comes in 3 sizes, with 4 different colors to choose from. Once you determine your size, an internal fitting mechanism lets you adjust the fit perfectly to the circumference of your head. Made to be worn anytime, and even in any weather, the FARO comes IPX6-certified, which means it can easily handle rainfall. An internal 1850mAh battery allows you to use the helmet’s smart-features for up to 10 hours on a full charge, and the helmet also has a USB port that allows you to charge it every few days – so that you’re always visible and always safe!

Designers: Javier Bertani, Marcos Madia & Juan Garcia Mansilla

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $189 (32% off). Raised over $550,000.

FARO by UNIT 1: A Sleek, Visibility-First Smart Helmet

A smart helmet that delivers style, safety, and comfort with a state-of-the-art light system, ventilation, MIPS, and fall detection.

Stay Visible

Cycling accidents on the street are often caused by a lack of visibility and unclear communication. Drivers and other riders not seeing you well enough or not knowing what you’re going to do next. 80% of riders use cycling lights and still don’t feel safe. Why? Because they’re small and sit quite low. On top of that, they are easily lost, forgotten, or even stolen.

Helmets usually work the same way as seatbelts: they only work for you the second you get hit (which can save your life obviously).

How can a helmet work for you all the time? You put lights on it. They are bigger, much higher and more visible than regular cycling lights – that’s exactly what they did with FARO.

Stay Comfortable & Safe

Every FARO was designed up to International Certification standards. To take it up a notch, they partnered up with MIPS – a Swedish company at the forefront on helmet safety – to take FARO to the next level in terms of safety.

Fabric Liner

FARO’s backside features a fabric-covered portion. This fabric is tough, tear-proof and waterproof, the same kind used in those speakers you can throw in the pool.

But how do you put lights on a helmet without making it look like sci-fi? You cover them up with a classy fabric liner. During the day you rock that fabric that looks & feels amazing. At night…the magic happens.

The Navigation Remote

Sometimes being visible is not enough and you need to let others know you’re stopping or about to make a turn. FARO can be upgraded with a handlebar remote to incorporate an automatic brake-light and turn signals.

The FARO App

There is a great degree of functionality in the app that will let you personalize your helmet in every way and even measure & track what your riding does for the environment (as opposed to driving).

Perfect For Any Weather

Designed up to IPX6 waterproof rating. The electronics are fully sealed and the fabric – in case you were wondering – is the same fabric used on Bluetooth speakers.

Unboxing & Overview

Click Here to Buy Now: $129 $189 (32% off). Raised over $550,000.