The PLOT TWIST Bookshelf carries the intrigue of your favourite mystery books

PLOT TWIST Bookshelves

Bookshelves are no longer just found in libraries. They can be anywhere as long as books are an essential part of a person’s life. You can actually see them in most homes and offices as they have become an important fixture in a room.

Bookshelves have become a place for showcasing the titles you read. They can also work to display your many knick-knacks and collectibles. Bookshelves have become decorative, too, so no wonder brands and designers are coming up with their offerings.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

PLOT TWIST Bookshelf Concept

PLOT TWIST Bookshelf Details

Prolific German furniture designer Deniz Aktay has recently introduced the Plot Twist Bookshelf. It’s a piece of furniture that features four separate twisted wooden elements. They are connected to each other, shaping and creating a stable form.

The bookshelf’s design allows it to be accessed from every side. As with most of Deniz Aktay’s product designs, this bookshelf is oddly satisfying. The curves are present as with the designer’s other projects. In addition, most of Aktay’s works have undergone some bending or twisting, as with the Wavelet, the Tie Stool, and The Pet Table.

PLOT TWIST Bookshelf Design

The primary material is wooden as it is easy to form and shape. The twisted parts are where the books are placed. The shelves can accommodate similarly sized books for a clutter-free look. Every side has an open frame that curves for a smooth and sexy look.

The bookshelf is stable and stands on its own. It doesn’t have to lean against the wall or anything. The weight of the books will be helpful as it can support the furniture piece.

PLOT TWIST Bookshelves

Shelves at home or the office serve many different purposes. This particular bookshelf is really just for the books, but no one stops you from putting on other stuff. We think the Plot Twist filled with books will look nice. This shelf could hold hundreds of CDs if CDs are still popular, but it’s really meant for readers.

The designer is known for his several unique works. He regularly uses wood because it’s easy to form. We recently saw his Nick Wooden Desk Organizer and the GRAB Side Table. We can expect more quirky and fun products with one-of-a-kind designs from the designer.

As for bookshelves, we have seen and featured several exciting designs. Those Book Pills let you have a good time. The Slim Shelf’s minimal design appears like an open book. The Fold Shelf also makes an impression with its innovative wooden hinge. There are more unique bookshelf designs that we think will do justice to every book you own.

PLOT TWIST Bookshelf Deniz Aktay