Folding furniture you can hang on the wall!

In this age of cramped, tiny apartments but larger-than-life social circles it isn’t difficult to imagine a scenario where you’ve got 10 friends coming over, but just 4 chairs. I know it’s happened to me.

That’s when flat-pack folding furniture like the Hanging Stool come handy. Its nifty design can flatten up into a rather nice looking ornate form that you can hang on the wall. When you need a stool, take it off its wall-hook and set it up in roughly 5 seconds with a simple flip of the seat and the legs.

The Hanging Stool’s novel approach to the folding mechanism (we’ve seen loads of folding stools, none like this) and its quirky hang-able nature (thanks to the two leather straps on each side) give it a slight visual edge above others. Besides, that bright blue does wonders for bringing a splash of freshness to your space… even if it’s hanging on your wall!

Designer: Leadoff Studio