Book Pills

So you’ve got all the book shelves, yes? I bet you don’t have a stack of pill-shaped bookshelves. Take a peek at this stack of shelves right here. Made of flexible inner materials (aluminum or iron) and a little bit more flexible material (rubber or sponge), plus the outer shell of plastic. That’s a recipe for a good time. A good time with amazing bookshelves.

The rad part of these shelves is the flexible materials on the inside – they allow for an adjustable bookend or bookends! You can move em all around the outsides or put them right in the middle.

Made for only the most advanced pop or mod households.

Or music label offices of course.

Designer: Je Sung Park

Round Book Shelves by Je Sung Park




  • jin wook says:

    oh.. it’s very good idea..

    That’s also the idea of a transition.

  • I’m not sure I’m getting this one….is the inside skin bigger than the outer skin? so there is slack that can be formed into dividers? if so, i like the concept…but you have aluminum and iron listed as flexible materials?….uh…yeah.

    • trybudi says:

      seeing the design i don’t think he meant what he says. the purpose of the metal bit is probably to keep the form of the divider. for this you need a really thin sheet.

      brilliant idea! definitely luv this!

  • Tanguy says:

    seducing idea… there is no mechanical constraint that would make the inner material bend as illustrated though, meaning with rather small radius and straight bit in between. By default, because flexible materials tend to take the “most comfortable” shape, the so called divider would be like a very smooth hill, unless of course you keep it stuck between very heavy books. In other words, the resulting shape will be much more organic than this.

    • Tanguy says:

      try it: but your belt into a bucket (or alike), see how it behaves; add books if your bucket is big enough.

  • KINGO says:


  • nzh says:

    very fashionable

  • Victor Assis says:

    What’s keeping the upper portion of the inner belt from bending and ruining the whole thing???

  • GI says:

    Incredibly beautiful form – but I’m confused – iron, a flexible material?? Also, how do you form the dividers inside, don’t really get the graphic.

  • Todd says:

    Hmm, round book shelves to hold my, um, rectangular books. How about a more more sensible design along the same lines, and made from much nicer material…

  • alex says:

    i dont see this for sale on your site.

  • Addy says:

    Is this up for sale yet or just a conceptual design ? I tried to look for it on CKIE but cudn’t find it there either..

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