This wooden desk organizer has a modular design to fit all of your stationery items

Nick is a wooden desk organizer defined by a modular design that allows users to configure its structure to meet their needs.

When our stationery isn’t organized, our desks feel less like workspaces and more like minefields. One wrong move and those stacks of paper are going down along with the cups you filled with paperclips and thumbtacks. Before you know it, there’s hardly room to get any work done. Desk organizers help take care of the clutter and even add a bit of personality to your workspace. Furniture designer Deniz Aktay designed his own modular desk organizer called Nick that’s carved from wood for a simple and functional workspace accessory.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

Nick finds its organizational scheme through a system of carved-out slots that provide holding spaces for our stationery items. Carving out the product’s grooves, Aktay created a built-in rail system that additional wooden modules can slide onto to form a multi-level organizer. Defined by its modular design, the components that come with Nick have different sizes for users to configure the overall structure to fit their organizational needs. Nick’s lengthier wooden modules provide a stable foundation for the shorter modules to latch onto, creating individual slots that are just the right size for different stationery items like writing utensils and short erasers.

Modular designs offer a lot of flexibility when it comes to adapting to our different needs. Similar to how a closet organizer offers storage compartments sized to fit specific clothing items, like shoes and pants, Nick allows users to configure their own desk organizer to accommodate their unique collection of stationery. Lengthy wooden modules provide the ideal slot for pencils and pens while the shorter modules stacked on top can hold your erasers and paperclips.