Wavelet Side Table’s curled side doubles as a handle

WAVELET Side Table Concept

A side table is now more than just an essential furniture piece. It also serves as home decor and can be a conversation starter. We are always on the lookout for interesting ones that we believe can make quite an impact in the furniture design world.

No matter what your style, you will find the Wavelet interesting. The tabletop appears to be showing off a wave curl which isn’t just part of the aesthetic. The curl also doubles as a handle for when you want to move the table to a different location.

Designer: Deniz Aktay

WAVELET Side Table

Not that transporting a side table is a problem, but admit it, the wave curl as the handle makes sense. There really is no need for a handle, but the Wavelet is what “form meets function” is all about. You will probably think the solution is trivial, but it makes it easier to move the table from one location to another.

The Wavelet’s tabletop is plywood with a smooth finish and is bent on one side. The bent wood becomes the transport handle to make your life easier. It’s ideal for those who like to move things around the house—you know, those who can’t seem to be content with how they arrange their living room or bedroom. (Ehem, that’s me.)

WAVELET Side Table Design

WAVELET Side Table Style Design

Another exciting thing about the Wavelet is the leg portion. There are only three legs that meet in the middle to hold the tabletop. It’s sturdy enough to hold the table’s weight, but of course, we don’t expect you to put a lot on the table.

A metal version of the Wavelet has been rendered as well. Again, it is exactly the same minimalist side table except for the material, finish, and color. It appears to be spray-painted red with a smooth matte finish.

WAVELET Side Table Red Metal

WAVELET Side Table Red Metal Version

German furniture designer Deniz Aktay has studied architecture and urban planning. We have seen his other furniture design projects, and we can say his background and work experience have been helpful. His style becomes evident in how he creates, forms, and designs.

WAVELET Side Table Concept Design

The designer believes that good design is about “finding the right harmony between proportion, material, and functionality.” He focuses on the appropriate materials, originality, simplicity, detailing, and proper element joining with this principle. For Aktay, designing a furniture item can be a challenging but exciting experience. The Wavelet Side Table is perfect proof of that simplicity and originality.

WAVELET Side Table Concept Features

WAVELET Side Table Style

Concept WAVELET Side Table Red Metal Version Concept

WAVELET Side Table Red Metal Version Concept