Microsoft’s office pod creates a private working space to help you get away from the noise!

As we gradually make our way back into the office, we can’t help but miss the best parts of working alone from home. We have our favorite chairs, our home desks, and our desktop computers. You can’t beat the social element of office working, but sometimes you just need to get away from the noise. Designed for hybrid workplaces, Flowspace from Microsoft was recently recognized by Red Dot Design and given its Best of the Best Award for its innovation as an office pod for solo working in crowded offices.

Draped in gray felt, Flowspace comes with automated privacy panels that create a hybrid of a conventional desk and round pod. As currently conceptualized, each pod comes with its own desktop computer, desk, and stool. The desktop computer’s monitor spans almost the entire panel inside the pod, making it an ideal screen for heavy workloads and even presentations. The pod itself comes in two halves to combine and provide plenty of privacy amidst busy work zones. Whenever you want to get back to the WFH grind, Flowspace creates a temporary sanctuary for focus and deep work. With the so-called ‘new normal’ making its way around the globe, we’re all eager to have a little bit of both–the charm of working alone and the excitement of collaboration.

Microsoft is known for streamlining our workdays. From computer programs to actual computers, Microsoft has always designed the necessary equipment for us to get through various tasks throughout the day. Flowspace is yet another addition to Microsoft’s long catalog of office supplies that make the work grind that much easier.

Designer: Microsoft