Audi Urbansphere EV concept is a spacious lounge on wheels loaded with high end tech

Audi has revealed the Urbansphere concept which speeds into the future where EVs will be more of a premium lounge experience and not just mere vessels of transportation. A time when we’ll be spending more time relaxing in the four-wheeler rather than driving.

The trifecta concept from Audi’s Sphere series is here and by far it is the biggest when we talk of the length. While I’m restraining myself from labeling it a minivan, still it heavily weights on the side of one. We’ve already had our head over heels for the shape-shifting Skysphere roadster, this one is more from the conventional realm. In fact, this is by far the biggest car Audi has crafted with a total length of 217 inches, 79.1 inches width, and 70 inches of headroom.

Designer: Audi

Given its humongous size, there are only four bucket seats inside which take full advantage of the elegant lounge-like form with the swivel and reclining function giving the riders utmost freedom. Audi Urbansphere concept is our present-day glimpse of the electric mobility future with interiors more akin to a lounge space or a mobile office no one would be able to resist. On the outside, it takes the styling cues from the A4 e-Tron electric crossover.

The luxurious EV concept riding on 24-inch rims is tailored for a progressive mobility era where level 4 autonomous driving will be more than a common thing, and the digitally dominated cabin space takes a detour to a more communal and open design. It’s no surprise the Urbansphere has seatbacks capable of 60 degrees recline and an extendable footrest means the occupants ride in utmost luxury. Audi is planning to add a large format and transparent OLED screen which pivots vertically down from the glass roof to divide the two seating rows just like a taxi divider.

Urbansphere will get an anxiety detection tech to scan the face and voice analyzer to determine any signs of anxiety. If the metrics are not right, it will offer personalized suggestions for stress relief. There will be calming wood accents inside the cabin and display panels on the central infotainment screen. The tech infusion doesn’t stop there – the car will be loaded with a pseudo assistant to make restaurant reservations, order groceries, or ferry the riders to the destination and find parking on its own.

The vehicle will get the 800V architecture with 270 kW max DC charging speed., So, the Urbansphere will be capable of charging the 120 KwH battery pack from 5 to 80 percent in just 25 minutes. That’s equivalent to a 466-mile range capacity. In just 20 minutes the battery can be topped for a 186 miles stint.