An automated composting bin that makes living sustainably easy

Want to join the reuse, reduce, recycle gang but overwhelmed about managing trash? Fear not, Sepura’s Home Food Waste device is here to make your 2020 more sustainable! This is currently the only sustainable food waste disposing device on the market that does it all to make food waste management an effortless experience – municipality authorized, septic friendly and self-cleaning!

The waste can fit all kitchen sinks and spaces also providing a connection to built-in dishwasher drains that separate food from liquid waste. It takes it one step further by also collecting the food waste from the dishwasher and a safer alternative to the traditional garbage disposal. You can store your food waste for up to 4 weeks without any odors and reduce the usage of plastic garbage bags.

Sepura Home includes features such as flood detection, autostop, and it even cleans itself quietly so you can now run it at night too – could composting be easier than this? You can use your sink to discard all foods now without stressing and let the device do the job for you – push one button and it will separate the waste into an odorless, sealed collection center in a few seconds. There is a light indicator tells you how full the collection center is, just slide out the inner compartment and dispose of the organics in your compost or curbside collection bin.

Let the composting begin!

Designer: Sepura