Airship Reality 2010

Immediately I was reminded of Fhloston Paradise, floating airship of holiday in the film The Fifth Element. This is a bit different than that though, and has a real-world situation attached to it. In the spring semester of 2010 the chair at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Professor Gregor Eichinger, commissioned designer Thomas Rodemeier to create a highly flexible, mobile hotel with a five-star ambiance. It floats through the sky with the greatest of ease.

This project included a demand for a technical and organizational solution. Thus, this airship is made to be squarely real. Inside, new furniture fitting the general design of the ship.

When stopped, the ship is “analogous to a nurse-shark,” able to stay on the ground for long periods of time, or, it can extend its telescoping anchorfoot as it floats above the ground via lifting gas kept in its top dome. This foot is also so large that it allows for lower living-spaces in the airship. When the stopped stay is for an extended period, the helium can be exchanged for oxygen so that the domed area can be used for sporting activities as well as extended living space.

The vehicle travels through the air via solar panels on the roof which feed electric mechanisms throughout the ship. You know what that means? Floating, gliding, noiseless travel. Very elegant.

FUN FACT: one of Rodemeier’s mentors on this project was Zeppelin AG in Friedrichshafen, Germany, a group founded in 1915 to make precision cog-wheels for Zeppelin airships. They say it’s totally feasible.

So let’s get’er made!

Designer: Thomas Rodemeier

Airship traveling by Thomas Rodemeier











  • mif991 says:

    It is also a marketing amateur mistake. It looks like the designer did not have enough time to complete.

  • Kevin, Houston, TX says:

    So it’s a cruise ship that doesn’t require the ocean. Nice idea! Should be attractive to people who are afraid of the ocean or are prone to seasickness.

  • monkeyfrog says:

    well and seasickness won´t come on a slow moving, wind swinging airship?

    there where a few more airship designs as cruisers or so wich are much better (remember “Spruce Whale” or even the “stalker” here at Y.D.) – the design is … what? a half of a pear with a fin. having sidewinds the fin will permanently be in the way. it´s not a plane, it don´t moves fast, so wherefore the fin? for stabilising it from rolling?

    sry but even a non feasible concept can do better

  • Peter.No says:

    As you can read in the project description on Thomas Rodemeiers webside, the fin is very important for the hole concept, since it is working with a kinetic device of Festo. As I understand, it will truely work like a nurse-shark with a moving fin for drive.

    Look here:
    “As power unit a kinetic device of Festo has been scheduled. Solar panels on the roof feed the electric machines and assume driving. So the airship moves like a gliding figure noiseless through the air.”

    Nice utopia!

  • Reminds me Massaud’s concept

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