InsTable Side Table only comes with two legs but can be kept upright

InsTable Construction

Wobby tables are not welcome because tables should be sturdy and stable all the time. A stable table seems easy to get a hold of, but we know that tables are not created equal just like all other furniture items.

But then what happens when you have something that doesn’t have complete legs yet has an appeal to the sense. That’s what the InsTable is–looking quirky with only two legs and an interesting form. The InsTable can’t stand on its own, so you’ll be questioning what kind of furniture piece this is.

Designer: André Paiva

InsTable Concept Design

InsTable Side Table

The InsTable is a side table that you can easily move and transport. It can be easily carried and moved to a different place because you can grab the furniture and go. However, it really is unstable because it only comes with two legs. It can’t stand on its own as it needs to stand against a wall for support.

This unique table may not always be reliable, but it can be the perfect conversation starter. It will definitely catch anyone’s attention with its unique form. Having just two legs doesn’t really require any permanent fix but this needs some form of physical support.

InsTable Support


The tabletop is round, but a portion appears to be folded upright. That portion is what carries the table’s weight when leaning against a wall. When you look from one side, it appears to be a UFO about to descend on earth.

The InsTable reminds us a bit of the Grab Side Table and the Wavelet Side Table with its curled side that doubles as a handle. The upright fold of the new table also doubles as a handle. Others say it looks like a bent plane, but we just know the fold is what makes the table stand up. The materials used on the table are pine and MDF. The tabletop is painted black, while the legs have a natural wooden finish.

InsTable Details

A side table is often placed on the side of another piece of furniture like a bed or a couch. It’s not the main attraction, but it can be a lovely accent to any room. In addition, it works as a place for items that you want to be within easy reach. Recently, we’ve seen numerous attractive side table designs like the Hyobodo Fuoco Side Table, the simple and elegant O Side Table, and the REVERSE Table. Expect more innovative and unique side table designs will be introduced as more designers are exploring this category.

InsTable Design