This sleek at-home water dispenser designed at people who WFH can discharge water in three seconds

The Supor Instant Water Dispenser is an at-home appliance constructed for today’s world of remote working and WFH.

As we grow used to spending more time inside the house as a result of stay-at-home orders, many of us are turning to appliances to bring outside comforts indoors. While there is no replacement for morning trips to the coffee shop, at-home appliances like coffee brewers and french presses make the experience a little more accessible. The Supor Instant Water Dispenser is a new at-home appliance concept from designers Guoyu Li and Weili Wu that can pour water out in a matter of seconds.

Designer: Guoyi Li and Weili Wu

Adopting an integrated design language, the Supor Instant Water Dispenser keeps a polished midcentury modern look. The gleaming metallic look gives the appliance a retro, yet timeless appearance so that it can fit into any modern kitchen or office space.

In addition to its adaptable design, the Supor Instant Water Dispenser maintains a slender body so that it can fit onto any countertop no matter the amount of space available. Thanks to a seven-speed touch screen, users can also adjust the rate of water discharge so that it can pour from the faucet as quickly as three seconds.

Marketed for stay-at-home mothers and remote workers, the Supor Instant Water Dispenser is an at-home appliance that can be used for anything from brewing coffee to making a pot of tea. Even when the deadline is quickly approaching or when the meeting is just about to begin, a cup of coffee or pot of tea can be made available sooner than you can punch in the Zoom meeting passcode.

In contrast to similar products currently on the market, the designers suggest, “The attributes of products sold online determine that products need to reflect differences in form and appearance, and at the same time need to increase user stickiness through experience design, so that products are not only satisfied with functional attributes but become a way of life that can be shared on social platforms.”

The seven-speed touch screen adjusts the rate of dispensing water to varying speeds.

The attached grated reservoir ensures no-mess operation.

The slim design of Supor allows it to fit onto most kitchen countertops. 

Supor is plug-and-play for ultimate convenience.