A key with 15 functions: Screwpop Toolkey is most ergonomic and compact EDC you can get

Who said, everyday carry equipment has to be thick and bulky? Screwpop visions you can just have a Toolkey: a key per se to look at, but a lethal multitool as well, to add 15 different tricks up your sleeve.

We have seen multitools evolve from bulky Victorinox knives to credit card-style gear. An example or two have also appeared in the Toolkey form factor. The Screwpop idea however stands out to me for the versatility and exceptional simplicity with which it is presented to the end user. So, whether you need a screwdriver, a file, wrench, a serrated edge, or a bottle opener, the Toolkey in your pocket will never leave you wanting.

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Designer: Screwpop

Of course, it is not for the coarse tasks of hardcore adventure junkies and their crazy escapades. For everyday quick and simple jobs, this multitool with an array of functional tools will be a go-to solution. With 15 different functional options, the Toolkey offers a great variety in an unprecedented footprint: which is also the biggest USP.

Made from a metal injection molding process in stainless steel, this ergonomic, slim, and ultra-lightweight multitool is provided in a unibody design. It weighs 18g only and incorporates a neodymium magnet so that it can stick to the refrigerator or your toolbox. Owing to its 3.2 mm thickness, the Toolkey can easily slip into your wallet. But if you like to flaunt your multitool, you can attach it to a keyring or carabiner and hang it from the loop of your pants. If you’re impressed with the simplicity and utility of the Toolkey, you can get one right away from Screwpop for $20.