This side table console is a simple + elegant + functional furniture for studio apartments

A side table that doubles as a stool or space to store your books and other props – giving a whole new dimension to multi-functional, compact and lightweight furniture just perfect for your minimalist home.

How often have you come across a piece of multifunctional furniture that is either too bulky or the intended functions turn out to be not so useful in day-to-day usage? Minimalism is the name of the game these days in modern homes which are so much space constricted. On top of that, a compact piece of furniture catering to a plethora of needs is most wanted for studio apartments where every inch of available space matters. A perfect scenario for O Side Table to make a statement in the home furnishing space where the options are virtually limitless.

The table and console combo thought of by Mudu Design is designed with the vision of interaction with home furniture in more than one way. This multifunctional side table seems like any ordinary piece of a furniture item – but that’s where the similarity ends. Not only is it a side table, but a sturdy stool, storage unit for magazines and much more depending on your creativity. Plus, the easy-to-carry aesthetics make this side table highly maneuverable depending on the needs in a jiffy.

The designer Rostyk Sorokovyi’s obsession with round shapes is evident in the side table crafted out of natural wood. This choice is not just random but based on the fact that the circle is the most harmonious shape nature has bestowed us with. The furniture piece comes in classy black and natural wood color options – expanding the choice for picky users.

Designer: Rostyk Sorokovyi of Mudu Design