Hyobodo Fuoco Side Table combines East and West craftsmanship and tradition

Hyobodo Fuoco Details

Japanese craftsmanship is definitely at a different level. We see it woven into the everyday life of the locals, and we can see the items offering more ingenious ways to do things. There is something about Japanese design, art, technology, and innovations that are unparalleled in simplicity and beauty.

This is not another appreciation post for Japan, but the Hyobodo Fuoco perfectly captures Japanese aesthetics. Designer Andrea Ponti combined it with modern Italian manufacturing techniques and design. As a result, Japanese design is shown on the perfect proportion of the Fuoco.

Designer: Andrea Ponti

Hyobodo Fuoco Design Andrea Ponti

This side table features what Ponti described as precisely-cut edges and rounded corners. The craftsmanship of this piece of furniture is excellent and is made possible by CNC machining. The Japanese way of doing things is already incredible but combined with technology; it is way better.

The Hyobodo Fuoco side table is finished with a traditional Japanese lacquer coating. The result is a product that looks very smooth and elegant. The table set in vibrant red looks very bold and the ultra-glossy finish adds some character for drama. It makes another interesting conversation starter wherever you place the Fuoco.

Hyobodo Fuoco Side Table

The Fuoco can fit any home interior and the red paint makes it seem like a piece of art, but it really is just one minimalist furniture item. Its size is compact, but it burns like “fire” with the visual warmth and vibrancy it offers. Fuoco means fire in Italian and this table is a playful nod to traditions from both the East and West.

Both Japanese and Italian designs are well-loved by designers. They both show simple shapes but with an allowance for people to make customizations. The Hyobodo Fuoco is another proof that when you combine the old with the new, you can come up with something intelligent and pleasing to the eyes. Andrea Ponti knows that, and his latest furniture design gives the world something new and functional while maintaining a look that will last a long time.

Hyobodo Fuoco Living Room Table

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Hyobodo Fuoco Design