WFH Keyboard with interplay of connection and disconnection is partly entertaining and partly informative

We have orange and green access dots on our smartphones that appear on the top of your screen whenever an app is using either the microphone or camera or both. What if the keyboard you are using in your home office has a detachable touchscreen bar that lights up when the user is unmuted on a video meeting?

The clouds of the pandemic are fading away. In the transition phase, whether you are working from home for a few days or full-time, you still need a workstation knitted completely to your needs. The WFH Keyboard, as the name suggests, is designed to step up to the occasion.

Designer: acollective

The keyboard comes with a built-in speaker and microphone. The unit is built into the peripheral’s MacBook-style touchscreen bar. The screen pad – as the designers refer to it – pops out from the keyboard frame. This alerts the user that the speaker and microphone are active. This system – keyboard and the screen bar – become one again when the user hooks in a pair of earphones.

The antics of the WFH Keyboard are not limited to the interplay of connection and disconnection, which is partly entertaining and partly informative. The keyboard screen bar also features the chemistry of light. The screen lights up when the user is unmuted on a video call/meeting. This is a prominent cue to alert users about their status on a call.

What makes this interactive keyboard more exciting for our home office needs is the convenience of snapping the touchscreen pad from the main keyboard. The bar is snapped into the keyboard using magnets and it is easily detachable so you can arrange the keyboard for your desktop or mobile usage. The keyboard itself has a comfortable feel, eye-catchy layout and a side-mounted toggle button to switch the screen pad on or off between uses.