Pulley Light brings an adjustable, decorative lamp to your room

When I moved into my own place during the pandemic, I promised myself that I would fill my apartment with various furniture, devices, and items that I chose for myself. Living with other people means that you have to make compromises on how to decorate your house so on my own, I could have the freedom to make my own choices. Well here I am two years later and I have added some of my own touches but I’m always on the look out for some new product designs that are unique or match my interests and current decorations.

Designer: Soonhyung Kwon

Lamps are one of those things around your house that can be both decorative and functional. Product designers are constantly trying to find ways to innovate lamps and lights so there’s always something new in the market. If you’re the kind that likes to have pretty unique-looking accessories in their house, this new concept may be something that you hope will actually get made by some manufacturer so you can add it to your collection.

The Pulley Light uses the pulley concept in its design. By using various lines and objects in creating the prototype and focusing on the idea of the center of gravity, he was able to come up with a pulley type that doesn’t even use any hinges. The idea of a pulley is to support the movement and change of direction using a cable or belt. It seemed to work after various experimentations with lines, axles, cables, etc so this may be something that can actually work in real life.

The concept render shows a couple of rods, a wire wrapped around the pulley structure, and of course the light in the lamp itself. The mechanism should make it easier for you to position the lamp where you actually need the light to be placed. Whether you’re reading, writing, or just sitting on your sofa, where the light shines on you or what you’re doing will be just a pull away. It would be a nice addition to my house when it does get made someday.