This lamp was designed using a single sheet of metal!

The Object 3 Lamp’s appeal lies in its absolute simplicity. Echoing the aesthetic of your regular table lamp, the Object 3 by Gabriel Vizcarrondo is a lamp that’s entirely made from one sheet of metal. The lamp ships entirely flat-packed and can easily be folded/assembled on-site, turning a 2D object into a 3D one! The lamp’s one-piece design comes stamped out of a sheet of metal, with dashed edges that act as folding lines. Assembling the lamp is a rather simple affair, as is routing the socket through the lamp’s cable-organizer and socket-hole. Once you’re done, just screw an LED bulb in, and your lamp’s ready!

The lamp stands on its own, and comes with a pouting-flower-inspired 6-part shade. The sheet metal comes powder-coated in white for a classic appeal, although I don’t see why the Object 3 couldn’t be available in multiple color options. I’d still recommend you stick to using an LED bulb though, given that an incandescent bulb could probably cause the metal lamp to heat up!

Designer: Gabriel Vizcarrondo