The Jelly Lamp reinterprets the lethal sea animal as a delicate contemporary table light

If I’d never read a biology book in my life, I’d never have known how dangerous jellyfish are. Nothing about their appearance indicates ‘health hazard’! They look so spongy, so translucent, and so playful that they look less toxic and more toyish. Doubling down on their harmless demeanor is the Jelly Lamp, a tabletop lighting design that features a bulbous frosted lampshade that sits atop a single curved metal-wire stand that looks like a jellyfish’s legs/tentacles. Switch it on and a bulb inside the lamp comes alive, luring you towards it with its mysterious, warm glow! Don’t be afraid to touch this jellyfish… it won’t bite!

Designer: Colin Jackson (Ink Studios)

Designed by Colin Jackson of Ink Studios, the Jelly Lamp hopes to capture the soothing mystique of the marine animal. Just like its inspiration, the lamp doesn’t have a single straight line or sharp corner about it – everything’s curvilinear and heavily rounded, giving it a soft appeal. For the sake of sticking to its minimalist decor-driven aesthetic, the lamp is designed to be symmetrical with 5 equally spaced legs, giving it the visually pleasant appeal that allows it to sit on your table alongside other stuff. A wire emerges from underneath the lampshade, connecting the bulb directly to a power outlet, and Colin even mentions that the lamp doesn’t simply switch on or off, it pulsates gently, creating an ambient aura that should definitely captivate your attention!