This MagSafe mount + strap lets you securely attach your iPhone to practically anything

Up until now, Apple’s interpretation of MagSafe meant ‘modularity’. With Moment’s Strap Anywhere mount, the MagSafe also means ‘hands-free’. Designed to let you secure your iPhone to any handle, pipe, railing, bar, or even your wrist, the Strap Anywhere uses Apple’s MagSafe feature to secure your iPhone so your hands are unencumbered. The idea, Moment’s team says, was to allow users to attach their iPhones to indoor fitness equipment like a Peloton bike, squat rack, treadmill, elliptical, etc. The strap’s silicone construction provides a friction-grip, and is even sturdy enough to double as a stand for your iPhone, letting you prop it up at an angle on your desk or yoga mat.

Designer: Moment

The Strap Anywhere mount works directly with the iPhone as well as with MagSafe cases for the iPhone. Made from sweat-resistant material, the strap’s perfect for gym equipment, although its adjustable nature means you could technically use it anywhere, from your motorcycle to even your shopping cart! Moment engineered a proprietary configuration of magnets to provide extra strength, combined along with a grippy silicon material. Whether it withstands a bumpy ride on an offroad trail is yet to be determined, although I’d personally just stick to stationary indoor training equipment!