This portable outdoor chair takes seconds to set up and is ready for any adventure!

Dubbed the Tripster, this unique portable chair from Trippy Outdoor is a convenient little piece that you can stash in your garage or the back of your car and pop out whenever you need it!

I had to stop myself from calling the Tripster a foldable chair because honestly, it doesn’t really fold. Built with a unique yet incredibly simple assembly mechanism, the Tripster effectively plugs in and out, going between what’s essentially a comfortable high-back outdoor chair, and two easy-to-store pieces of wood.

Designer: Trippy Outdoor

What Trippy Outdoor so uniquely does is interpret the chair as just two elements – the seat, and the backrest (a feature seen in chairs dating back to the 8th century). By designing a modern outdoor chair just around those two elements, Trippy Outdoor creates a seating device that travels exceptionally well, and is a breeze to set up. The Tripster chair comes with a tall-ish wooden backrest that has a metal bracket screwed in, and a seat, with a wooden plank emerging from its back. The seat slides into the backrest in a parallel format when closed, and perpendicularly when you want to sit down. By nature of the way it’s assembled, the Tripster’s seat and backrest also become its legs, giving you a pretty stable seating experience. To carry your Tripster around, cutouts in its wooden body let you easily slip your hand in and lug the relatively lightweight chair around.

The Tripster weighs a mere 8 lbs, but can take weights of up to 1000 lbs thanks to its sturdy construction. The seat and backrest both use 7-ply maple wood, while the aluminum bracket comes with the Trippy Outdoor logo and is available in 8 vibrant powder-coated colors. Each Tripster is made by hand in Trippy Outdoor’s workshop in Texas, and costs $158.