Simplified Smartphone

The Triple Flip is an attempt to make smartphones more useful than they already are. Claiming to be the first of its design  ever to feature Windows Phone 7 OS, the phone has much more to offer than just that. Solar recharging, flip-out & sliding keyboards and other refinements make this a cool concept. What’s left to be seen is its acceptance by the general public. Hit the jump for the video.

Musical soundtrack for the video was provided by British techno genius Lusky.

Designer: Dave Schultze for SchultzeWORKS designstudio

[youtube: 600 451]


  • pamela says:

    Awesome! I want one!

  • schultzeworks says:

    Hey, thanks for the publication here on Yanko, my favorite design blog. If anyone is interested in more details, check out the data page at

    Dave Schultze, SchultzeWORKS designstudio
    TRIPLE FLIP designer

  • Marc says:

    A beautifully executed concept and food for thought about what a complete smart phone could be. Most of all, the Power Slice feature takes the Win!

  • Ed Van Horne says:

    Dave: Nice design and presentation, as usual. The ability to fold to protect the screen and still see the caller id is a brilliant touch. I like the real keyboard – while I love my iPhone, the keypad is frustrating. Was that really your Mom that you were talking to? Not so sure about the feasibility of solar power, but a very cool idea. I hope that someone builds it because I want one!

  • Z-Rae says:

    If this ever gets 'built' and sold in stores, i'll be one of the first in line – sooo cool!

  • I like it. It gives the phone a pseudo-retro look. Will it be accepted by the general public? Probably not. The iPhone has simplified what the public sees as a smartphone. So when people look at this, what will they see?

  • Tucker says:

    SO MANY BUTTONS. This is just an iphone with 3 cheaper phones attached to the sides for no reason.

    And solar panels on something that sits in your pocket for 12 hours a day? Come on.

  • Dave says:


    You bring up a great points that were not clear in the images. The entire effort is a conceptual / research design project with some technology at least five years out, especially the solar + battery “power slice.” This innovation (better explained in the video, check it!) is the unit is a composite battery PLUS thin-film solar cell. They are both self-charging and hot-swappable,so you use one on the phone (via battery) and charge others (via solar). That's the key; current technology cannot run a phone real-time from a panel that small, so the concept proposes that you use one while charging others when you're off the grid.

    If you are next to an outlet, then hey, just plug it in or dock it! The idea was to provide options — and propose something new.

    As for the buttons, they are also intended to provide options for when you don't want or need a touch screen and prefer tactile feedback. Gaming is the example illustrated, you cannot play first-person shooter games, among others, without multiple buttons. So, they're there if you need them.

    Dave Schultze, SchultzeWORKS designstudio
    TRIPLE FLIP designer

  • Wow – great and innovate concept! Once again ShultzeWORKS kicks it out of the ball park. Creating the need – and now filling it. Fantastic work and can't wait to see it on the shelves. Congratualations!!!

  • Igor Chak says:

    Great design idea Dave! but…some criticism) with all the buttons and hinges this would be a costly phone to manufacture, think simple. As we were always tought the KISS method. The key with phones today is simplicity and ergonomics of design, plus UI which plays majority of the role….i think. Like the iPhone 4 is not as comfortable to hold as the 3Gs…but it's hardware is better. The slide out tactical keyboard will not work as when you will hold on to it the majority of the weight will be on top making it very hard to balance. If you want to design a new phone think how we will interact with them in the future, gestures, how you hold it, how can it make our life faster and easier. People overall are of a lazy nature, they look for convenient and fast. I remember I had a Nokia was a duel slider phone, one slide for the keymat another for the media buttons….I never used the media buttons and the majority of the consumers didn't use them ether…

    Overall, great concept!

  • 111 says:

    Concept is fresh, that's good. But too many moving parts is not advisable on phones. If you dropped it, accidentally sit on it something would definitely break.
    I think a solid phone will always do the job.

  • Jimmy C says:

    Sharp! I love it! Get it patented!

  • Gaspolll says:

    too many flip out 🙁

  • Mat says:

    Vey cool concept! But the flip-out stuff should be slide-out. Could be a bit sleeker. It would be cool to see this being released

  • Pam says:

    I love it!

    I think more cell designs should incorporate the need for tactile numeric pads and tactile keyboards. The baby boomers aren’t having an easier time typing as we get older. Not to mention it’s really annoying when you need to dial someone’s work extension and the screensaver has come on. It just shouldn’t be that hard to dial.

    It’s sad you see phones marketed to seniors and it’s only 2 choices: either flip phones with huge numeric keys and no other features, or a regular square smartphone with onscreen keyboard.

    There’s more people out there that want these type of things than the marketers realize.

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