Bang & Olufsen gets outdoor ready with aluminum wireless speaker sporting 27 hours of battery life!

Speakers are often only an afterthought when hitting the outdoors for a hiking trail or campsite. But once you’re nestled around the campfire, or reach the mountain’s summit, it’s the only thing you can think of that would make the moment that much better. Available starting today for $199, Bang & Olufsen’s new waterproof speaker, Beosound Explore is the rugged speaker you won’t think twice about bringing along to the campground.

When packing for camping or hiking, we typically pack the bare essentials– water, change of clothes, some granola, a headlamp– but we forget about accessories that could turn a quiet fireside chat into a firelit dance party. The Beosound Explore even boasts 27 hours of battery life, so those dance parties could run on into the daylight hours. Built to be compatible with the new Bluetooth 5.2 standard, Beosound Explore’s 2,400 mAh battery offers a lot of playback with power efficiency in mind, receiving audio from external devices at lightning speed. In addition to its impressively long-lasting battery life, the Beosound Explore speaker was built to be weatherproof, further enhancing its durability and shelflife. Coated in a dust and waterproof shell, the Beosound Explore can be taken anywhere, including underwater. Finished with an IP67 water resistance level, Beosound Explore is entirely protected against immersion for up to one meter for thirty minutes and can be tossed around on sandy beaches, ensuring the grains won’t affect the speaker’s quality or shelf life.

Bang & Olufsen’s new wireless speaker dons a rubberized base and aluminum body and carefully constructed internal structure that allows it to safely be used on all surfaces in any environment, from muddy riverbanks to rainy campgrounds. Surprisingly lightweight at only 631 grams, Beosound Explore carries some hefty bass and delivers True360 sound that’s provided by dual 1.8 full-range drivers for all-around sound wherever the trails take you.

Designer: Bang & Olufsen

Beosound Explore’s hard-anodized aluminum shell was developed in Denmark’s Factory 5 to ensure resistance against dust and water.

The speaker’s tough rubberized base means you can use the speaker on any surface in any environment.

The speaker’s waterproof strap and carabiner blend portability with durability.

Strap Beosound Explore onto your pack and take it with you anywhere the trails bring you.

With an intuitive control panel, everything about Beosound Explore was made with practicality in mind.

Beosound Explore was designed to work under any circumstance, meaning you can use it even on sandy beaches.