Monom Seater Concept Design rotates and adapts to human height

Monom Seater Sample

Seating in public places is usually basic and boring. Not that form is a more critical function, but anyone can use the environment to express creativity and stir the imagination.

Design in public spaces is crucial because it can evoke many different feelings. It plays an essential role as these spaces are for the consumption of people who use them for various purposes. When it comes to public seats, the Monom Seater is potentially a winner.

Designer: Jurgis Judžentis


The concept furniture piece is ideal for private establishments and public places that may need a waiting area or temporary sitting. It appears like an art piece or an interactive sculpture because of the rotating part. The Monom features a monumental concrete section that makes the seat stable on the ground. In addition, the wooden seat actually rotates to adjust to the height of a person.

Although we believe there are still limits to who can sit, the wooden seat accommodates different heights. There is no weight restriction but since this is only a temporary seating solution, it may still work. The wooden part appears to have a smooth finish and it’s a half-sphere that can rotate up to 10-degrees only. Kids will probably want to play with the moving part when not in use.

Monom Seater

Monom Seater Design

Designer Jurgis Judžentis knows industrial design and specializes in furniture and interior objects. The Monom is meant for public sharing, to be sat on, and to be admired. Looking at Jurgis Judžentis’ portfolio, his designs are mainly industrial as he regularly uses wood, concrete, and neutral colors. His style appears to be industrial minimalist, which is trendy these days.

The concept design by the young designer from Lithuania has the potential to become popular. The monumental concrete base is assumed to be really sturdy. We’re just not sure about the rotating seat, but we’re assuming it will be enough to carry average human weight.

Monom Seater Concept

Monom Seater Concept Design

We imagine seeing this Monom Seater in public spaces and even private establishments. Perhaps we can see a few units together with the BAMO Chair. They will probably look good together and may complete the look of a given public space. The design of the seat is simple yet one that will capture attention. When it comes to public seating, there are plenty of other design choices like the Surf Bench, the Blok system, the Flair, and that public seating design from Shoeb Khan.

Monom Seater Concept Design Description

Monom Seater Concept Public Chair