This Lego-inspired modular furniture design lets you to custom-build your seating arrangement

Imagine if you could build your dream couch out of Lego-style cushions. That is essentially the design inspiration behind the Blok seating arrangement. With this set of upholstered building “bloks,” and a simple grid-frame, this product allows users to create a modular furniture set that can be easily changed to fit your comfort needs.

How does it work? First, you build the frame: a 2500 x 2000 mm textile board that is folded into a U-shape and reinforced by vertical panels. This serves as the seating base and backrest, the barebones frame of the couch. A larger screen is then fixed behind the backrest, acting as a makeshift room divider from anyone who might also be sharing the space. Once you finish the base, the customization of the seating arrangements can begin. The base has a grid system of strategically placed holes, which align with small pegs on the seating bloks, allowing each cushion piece to fit snugly, no matter where you place it — just like with legos. The cushion pieces come in various sizes: some are flat and long, used as seats or backrests; others are thicker and taller, used as armrests; there are even flat wooden pieces that serve as small tables. The possibilities may not be infinite, but they are in the multitudes.

The Blok system has been marketed for workspaces, but it could easily be integrated into cafes, food courts, waiting rooms, or any public indoor space. Since the pieces are so easy to dismantle and reassemble, it could also be easy to transport and rebuild in a new environment.

Designer: Markus Melcher

blok workspace