Lands Collection of Wooden Trays shows off craftsmanship and great design

LANDS Collection Wooden Tray

The designer’s inspiration is something we have not experienced in a while—looking down out of the window from a plane and seeing things smaller down below. Aerial landscapes mainly inspire the Lands Collection of wood trays and we love the results.

Designer Carlos Jiménez has come up with a collection of wood trays with Scandinavian aesthetics. The trays can be used for anything: home decor, tableware, or accessories organizer. The modular design makes the collection more functional than ever because you can personalize your desk tray system.

Designer: Carlos Jiménez

LANDS Collection Design

There are different sizes and styles to choose from. You can use the trays on both sides, depending on your preference. You can also choose between the steamed walnut wood and ash wood version.

There are six different trays available in various sizes and shapes. These wooden trays are very convenient, practical, and functional for the office or home. You can use them on your office desk to keep small items organized. In addition, you can use the tray to display your stuff and keep your desk tidy.

LANDS Collection Wooden Tray

The designer tried sketching his ideas first and then made paper models. The initial prototypes were made in pine wood. Some pieces were even painted in colors, but the designer is now settling for natural wood finish.

LANDS Collection of Trays

The project was a Red Dot 2020 Winner, so you know this will really catch people’s attention. Each tray corresponds with the other trays perfectly, as made possible by the zigzag surface. The latter ensures both the movement and stability of the trays.

You can use the tray pieces separately or together. The design is simple yet elegant, making for timeless pieces any minimalist would love. The ridges also remind us of the FLIP calculator that functions as a pen organizer when flipped over and not in use.

LANDS Collection Trays

We don’t see many desk trays around, but we have featured several interesting designs. We remember that Protrude wooden minimal desk tray that looked like it would slip right off your desk. The stackable trays from Studio Unité also looked minimalist yet a bit quirky.

And then there was the LastDesk modular desk that comes with a detachable wooden tray that could be part of the Lands Collection. In this era, when working from home is encouraged, it is recommended that you enhance your work desk situation. Table organizers and trays can help you tidy up any desk for a more inspiring work environment.

Lands Wood Tray Desk

LANDS Collection Red Dot 2020

Lands Wooden Tray