Seoul’s architecture gets immortalized with these desk trays!

Looking for new storage containers for your desk? These stackable trays from Studio Unité present an unconventional shape — with slanted sides and not-quite-equal rectangular borders. With their frames, built with a mixture of wood, cement, and plywood, these trays look very much like tiny buildings on your desk. That architecture-inspired imagery has very specific roots; you could likely find its full-sized counterpart in the streets of Seoul.

Brief history lesson: In the 1960s and 70s, Seoul built several apartments in order to accommodate its growing population. Many of those early apartment complexes could be described as … well, experimental – never a perfect square or rectangle. These buildings are a part of Seoul’s history, and Studio Unité honors this history with their array of desk-storage units. Previously on Yanko Design, we’ve featured products inspired by Seoul’s architecture and we are excited to add Studio Unité’s desk trays to that collection. The design helps preserve Seoul’s history and culture and presents it in a product that is easily accessible to consumers.

Designer: Somin Lee and Sujin Lee