The Pen from a Parallel Universe

A circular/cylindrical writing instrument being the physical standard seems quite interesting. We’ve worked with everything from hexagonal pencils, to super-thin quills, to rectangular sticks of charcoal… so I see no reason any drawing/writing instrument needs to be circular.

The Ko-Axis™ Rail Pen uses that very observation to stand out from the rest. Designed to work like a pen but look more like a modern age sonic-screwdriver from Doctor Who, the Ko-Axis™ is thin, metallic, and looks/feels remarkable.

The pen’s non-cylindrical design may be a differentiating factor, but it’s provided a good amount of positives as a result. Fingers don’t cramp from holding something flat that doesn’t press into your skin, the pen doesn’t roll off flat surfaces, storing the pen with something as flat as a notebook seems much more comfortable.

The Ko-Axis™ pen’s flat design comes made from metal. Available in titanium and aluminum variants, the pens feature a two-rail system and a sliding mechanism that exposes and hides the pen’s refill. Using powerful earth magnets to secure the sliding component, the Ko-Axis™ feels robust and reliable as the metal-to-metal interface allows the intermediary component to slide from A to B with precise mechanical brilliance, before snapping to the end with a satisfying click. Designed to be functional but feel playful, the sliding mechanism has a fidget-quality to it, making you want to hold the pen more and interact with it when not writing anything.

Changing the refill on the Ko-Axis™ is as simple as pulling the old refill out and putting a new one in. The pen uses the industry standard D1 ink refill which sits conveniently between the two metal rails, looking like a part of the pen, rather than an external refill. The ease with which you can replace the Ko-Axis pen’s refill mirrors the ease with which you use the pen. There’s literally nothing that’s complicated about the rail pen.

Designed to look great from afar and feel great in your hand, the Ko-Axis™ pen is a simple, well-designed, and well-manufactured multi-sensory delight. At just 6mm thin, writing with the flat pen feels refreshingly great, while its metal construction not only feels premium to the touch, it ensures you’ll be using (and showing off) this pen for years to come!

Designer: TEC Accessories

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Upon closer inspection of the Ko-Axis™ Rail Pen, you will discover that the aluminum bronze grip slider contains the ink cartridge. By implementing this clever design, it is impossible for the pen to accidentally retract while writing. The ink refill is always present when you need it and never when you don’t. We have painstakingly integrated eight ultra-strong neodymium magnets into the end stop positions to ensure perfect engagement, and eliminate any potential for movement of the mechanism while writing.


Writing Experience:

The Ko-axis™ transforms the act of writing into a wonderful experience. From the first time you extend the ink refill, you’re hooked. The rectangular shape of the Ko-axis™ rests gently in the crease of your hand and lands comfortably in your thumb-and-finger pinch. The shallow divot in the finely polished aluminum bronze offers the perfect spot for your pointer to land every time. The weight distribution of the pen was carefully calculated to rest in your hand without applying any torque to your fingers that would tire your hand in a late-night writing session. The Aluminum Edition is the featherlight member of the Ko-Axis™ family. The aluminum body allows the pen to float effortlessly across page after page. The Titanium Edition has 25% more mass than its aluminum brother, providing a solid and comfortable resilience that will last a lifetime. Every titanium model affords a rock-solid, stable action and exudes confidence in every word it writes.





Click here to Buy Now: $49.00 $79.95