This modular desk lets you design every element to create the perfect work setup that meets your changing needs!

The right desk is arguably the most important addition to every workspace. They set the tone and pace for organization, creativity, and productivity for each workday. Over time, desks somehow end up personifying the people sitting behind them, becoming either messy with miscellaneous paper scraps for the scatter-brained creative or tidier than ever with only a laptop and calculator for the organized, Type A worker bee. What if we were able to design our desks before they defined us? That might turn out to be the last desk we’d ever need.

Frame CPH, a design team based in Copenhagen, recently debuted LastDesk, a modular desk that you can design yourself to unlock your ideal workspace. The aim was to create a desk that can easily adapt to today’s ever-changing technological and remote working developments. The desk itself is a classic interpretation of Scandinavian design, but it offers a more accessible approach to minimalism through the desk’s modular features. While the frame of LastDesk is as simple a frame as they come, the desktop comes equipped with changeable wooden trays and flat, slate gray slabs that can either provide extra storage for your workspace, a wireless charging station, or a means to rid your workspace of any unnecessary clutter.

Wooden trays with minimalist-approved, shallow pockets can be added to your desktop in either the top left or right corner in case any additional room for storage is needed. Then, if you prefer a more open, tidy desktop, flip the wooden trays over and expand the deskspace for more working room. Finally, if your smartphone or other wireless electronic device needs some battery juice, pick the wireless charging base and turn your desk into a power-charging station. LastDesk’s legs are also adjustable so, if you’re looking for a stand-up desk or a traditional sit-down desk, then LastDesk can adapt to your changing mind and workload. LastDesk also offers a next-generation wireless charging module, an intelligent sit-to-stand OLED controller, and a built-in, high-speed 60W USB charging slot located on one of the desk’s side panels.

Together with Søren Rose Studio, Frame CPH, and the Danish furniture brand, Stykka have designed a desk, produced with responsibility-sourced material for longevity, that is meant to be disassembled and reconstructed again and again to roll with the ever-changing world around us – they’ve designed the ultimate desk that will always work for you, the ultimate user.

Designer: Frame CPH x Søren Rose Studio for Stykka

LastDesk interprets Scandinavian design by embracing a pure, clean, and focused overall aesthetic, while also offering additional desktop designs through modularity. By integrating an unassuming, smooth wire slot for your laptop chargers or desktop wires, it’s easy to keep LastDesk organized and tidy.

Other modular trays include additional workspace accessories, such as task lamps, which are available for users to attach to LastDesk. By integrating changeable parts with which users can attach accessories, the creators at Frame CPH further enhance LastDesk’s adaptive qualities.

If necessary, a slot specifically meant for monitor mount insertions can be incorporated onto LastDesk’s top piece, so that users can optimize the desk’s working area and also securely attach their hardware to LastDesk’s modular structure.

In addition to the task lamp, a Sonos speaker comes attached to one of the slate gray, modular trays and can be chosen as one of the ways to personalize your unique LastDesk configuration. The Sonos speakers addition is an ideal companion for phone meetings or conference calls that can take place at a desk.

Finally, LastDesk comes equipped with another modular tray that doubles as a wireless charging station for your smartphone or accompanying, chargeable device. For the long workdays that turn into longer work nights, this charging station will be sure to keep your phone charged up and ready (even when you might not be).