Perfect Backpack Support

Nearly infinitely adjustable (overstated by only a little bit) back support for the backpacking experience you’ll love to love. It takes either a very dedicated or very rich or very sponsored designer to spend a giant amount of time on one component of a larger product. What Jacob Howell has done here is to focus not on the carrying capabilities of the pack, but ability of that back to rest as nicely as possible on the back of the carrier.

I’ve been to Montana, believe it or not, and I’ve had a large pack like this on my back for a week’s time. It’s basically terrible, especially for one who doesn’t wear a giant thing like this very often at all. It had between 2 and 6 straps for adjustment, all very basic, all mostly useless. If I’da had this particular system attached to my luggage, surely three weeks I’d have spent.

Check out all the cushions and pulleys and whatnot! Then take a look at a concept Yanko’s covered in the past, a strangely similar project called the VertaBrate Back Massager – perhaps they could work in tandem?

Designer: Jacob Howell