Solar panel loaded Ford Transit campervan is a spacious + practical option for outdoor enthusiasts

The Ford Transit Custom PHEV is the midsize van well suited for camper conversions – as Dethleffs and Wellhouse Leisure have shown in the past. Now Campervan Co, known for its hybrid camper vans, gives outdoorsy people enough reason to explore their world with Ford Transit PHEV Eco Evolution.

While on the outside the camper van looks like any the Ford Transit, on the inside it has all that’s required for a comfy life on the road. The customized camper gets powerful solar panels installed on the roof, generating around 1,000 watts of zero-emission power on a good sunny day. The fold-out solar panels can charge the Eco Evolution’s 3,000-watt Clayton Power leisure battery while it’s rolling on the road. This onboard battery is employed to power the modular kitchen, lighting system, and induction stovetop for living comfortably off the grid.

Designer: Campervan Co

On top of this, the well-illuminated interiors will not make you feel bogged up at any time – especially during extended camping or road trips. To shed a little weight off the camper, a lightweight folding bed is used as the replacement. The removable kitchen modules give the occupants option to save space and improve the mileage when the Ford Transit will be used for daily commuting.

For more customizable options, a couple of extra seats can be installed to get a six-seater configuration. The Ford Transit PHEV Eco Evolution will sleep four people courtesy of the folding bench-bed and the additional pop-up roof bed. Since you’ll be away from home for quite some days, the camper has a cabinet and a full-size rear console for clothes, storing gear, and other accessories. Other than that, the camper gets a side kitchenette and folding bench floor plan.

To ensure campers get everything they desire for their adventure trips, Campervan Co is also working on a zero-emission heating system capable of putting the waste heat to use. This will come in handy for heating up the cabin in the colder locations without burning up fuel. This system will function in tandem with the boosted insulation package for better heat efficiency.

For now, the Campervan Co Ford camper is in the latter prototype stage and is soon expected to sell at a starting price tag of approximately $101,900. There will be more option accessories coming in the consumer-oriented version – including hot water facility, microwave, coffeemaker, Wi-Fi and even an Omni-slide indoor/outdoor cooking system.