This e-bike’s detachable battery is also a music-pumping boombox

We gushed over the Noordung bike nearly two years ago. Sleek, streamlined, and just a pleasure to look at, the e-bike showcased an organic design that housed electronics within it, and a silent motor that sat within its wheel. The e-bike was powered by a fuel-tank-shaped battery-pack that sat exactly where the fuel tank on a motorcycle would. The pack’s volume would immediately alter the perception of the bicycle, making it look more like a cafe-racer. This battery pack also played another pretty interesting role. It doubled up as a rider-facing boombox, allowing you to listen to music as you travel… a distinction that was only reserved for four-wheelers, up until now. Over two years, Noordung has perfected this model, finally launching as a crowdfunded vehicle to bring this elegant superbicycle to the roads.

A lot has changed for the Noordung, but it still captures its overall spirit from 2 years ago. The bike’s frame is crafted from carbon-fiber, giving the bike its incredibly low weight. In fact, at 20kgs, Noordung is the lightest cruiser e-bicycle in the world. The updated Noordung ditches the Vivax Assist motor for a 250W Keyde motor (embedded right in the rear wheel) with 4 levels of assisted drive and speed assistance of 25km/h. The most iconic bit of the Noordung is still retained within this updated design. The heart, if you will, of the Noordung is its battery pack, a visually iconic mass that turns the bicycle into an electric bicycle. It plugs right into the frame of the bike, not just electrifying it, but also giving it a visual upgrade. The detachable battery pack contains twenty Li-ion cells with an output of 36 V, 250 Wh. The batteries not only power the e-bike, but also deliver power to the in-built boombox that helps enrich the Noordung’s ride experience, as well as supply power to your smartphone, need be. These speakers connect wirelessly to your playback device, allowing you to listen to music while riding, an experience that Noordung’s creator says is truly an experience in itself. Aside from housing a boombox, the overall mass that is the battery pack even houses an air quality indicator that detects and measures the presence of harmful P2.5 and P10 particles while the bike is in use. It uses this data to create a map of air quality in and around cities for you, the rider, to have access to.

Ultimately, the Noordung tries to make electric bicycling better in every which way. Designed to be extremely lightweight, the Noordung makes traditional biking easy, and packs a neat battery pack for that assisted ride. The battery supplies clean energy to the bike, eventually making it great for the environment (a metric that the air-quality-sensor ultimately tracks), and gives you the additional feature of having a boombox with you, whether it’s mounted to your bike, or in your hand!

Designers: Gregor Fras, Aleksander Praper, Samo Fortuna, Klemen Čepirlo and Žiga Gorjup

Click Here To Buy Now: $4260 $4530 (5% off). Hurry, Limited Stocks.

Noordung is an urban bike for music lovers. It is the most beautiful ‘Luxury Superbicycle in the World’ and in limited series. This e-bike allows you to play up to 100 hours of music through the state-of-the-art speakers integrated into the bike, played from your phone.

The silent in-wheel e-motor has a 50 km range, and is ideal for urban commute.

You can charge your phone, tablet or computer via on board USB connector.

Noordung Music is the entry point into the beautiful new world of combining music with cycling, as it comes with the Noordung Boombox, that plays music from your smartphone.

The top two models from the Noordung family are Noordung Voyager and Noordung Individual, which are electric bikes with a maximum speed of 25 km/h as per EU regulation.

The Noordung Pure and Noordung Music are classic, non-electric, bikes with spoked rims and seven gears. They are built around Noordung carbon frame which is ready for any potential upgrades in the future.

Designed to be extremely lightweight, the Noordung makes traditional biking easy, and packs a neat battery pack for that assisted ride.

Click Here To Buy Now: $4260 $4530 (5% off). Hurry, Limited Stocks.