Pagoda flat-packed chairs bring style and convenience to your space

If you’re buying a chair from an online store or even an actual physical store, shipping it to your house or establishment can be a challenge. That’s why flat-packed furniture has become a convenient option for some who don’t want to pay exorbitant shipping fees just to deliver something that’s already completely assembled or built. But sometimes, the quality and design of these kinds of furniture is something less than pleasing. But a chair series is trying to be the exception for flat-packed furniture both design-wise and quality-wise.

Designers: Bassam Fellows for Stellar Works

Shanghai-based Stellar Works teamed up with American design studio Bassam Fellows to come up with an East meets West kind of chair that can fit your dining room, your office pantry, or your indie cafe. Pagoda is inspired by both the cafe culture in Shanghai during the 1920s and the cafe chairs from Vienna in the 19th century. Aside from the fact that it’s well-designed, it’s also pretty convenient to assemble it as there are only six parts in the package.

For those that are traumatized by Ikea-like furniture that is a pain to assemble, here you only have six parts to figure out: four legs, a curved seat, and a rounded back. The arms’ design is inspired by the cantilevered, upward curving gates of pagodas in Asia. But the backrest and angled legs give the chair a more modern feel. It looks pretty comfortable enough to sit in a long time whether you’re at home or working in a cafe. In fact the chair I’m sitting in now in a coffee shop seems to be like it and as I’ve been sitting here for 3 hours, I can say that it is indeed comfortable.

For the Pagoda series, you can choose from different finishes depending on the motif of your home or business space. You can choose a finish like wood (oak or walnut) or metal (polished or gold anodized aluminum). You can also choose either a cane or upholstered seat, in either leather or textile. This customization will make it even more appealing for those that would prefer to buy flat-packed furniture but at the same time still have some design options.