Transparent Mass Sofa lets you personalize your couch to your own style

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The sofa is not just for sitting; it can also serve as a bed that can give you a good night’s rest. There is something about it that makes me fall asleep right away. I wish to have one inside the bedroom the same way I also want a TV inside. How weird is that? Or is it just because I’m getting older?

For many people, sofas also serve as home decor. A couch can be the centerpiece of a living room. It can offer comfort and be an oasis for those living a busy life. Imagine yourself coming home and plopping down on the couch and going for a nap—now that can be relaxing.

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A sofa can also serve as an accent piece. The Mass Sofa by Tells Studio can start conversations when you have guests over. Its design is something to be discussed and celebrated. Is it a sofa or a storage bin? It depends on how you intend to use it.

A good sofa design offers is not just about comfort. Yes, it should be comfortable, but it should also be aligned with or reflect your personality. Your stuff at home reveals one’s desire and choice of aesthetics. Your home should represent the kind of life you want to live. If you’re shopping for new furniture pieces, you may check out the Mass Sofa. It has an exciting design that shows how one furniture item can be reconstructed.

Mass Sofa Tells Studio

Tells Studio’s sofa art project was introduced with a very clear and clever look. The clear sofa can be filled with almost anything you want to put inside. So fill it up with whatever you want to see before sitting down.

The material used is transparent TPU which is durable like hard rubber. It is the same material used on 3D-printed sneakers. Holding the sofa is a beautiful stainless-steel frame, offering an unobstructed view of what’s inside. The transparent couch can receive a variety of fillings depending on the user’s style and desire. This means the Mass Sofa can have different unique looks. Customization is an essential element so feel free to be creative and playful—just be yourself.

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You can put all your expensive sneakers inside, or how about stuffed toys. You can also place pillows or colorful plastic balls. Bag lovers can probably put their favorite pieces there too. The possibilities are endless, but make sure you don’t put anything sharp inside.

Demand for furniture personalization is increasing among different age groups. The younger generation is seemingly the perfect target for such hip pieces, but older people are also looking for artistic and interesting items. The Mass Sofa is something everyone at home will love, so perhaps each family member should get one so no more hogging the couch.

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