Mother Bracelet never needs to be charged but requires you to get moving

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Health and fitness bracelets are aplenty and we believe more will be added to the lot in no time. If we dare list down all the smartwatches and wearable devices that feature a host of health tracking technology, the list will be a long one. New devices will be introduced as times change, technologies improve, and the need for information further arises.

The Mother Bracelet is the latest to consider when you’re shopping for a new fitness tracker. It’s mainly a health monitoring device that is sustainable with solar power. It is powered by body heat and a solar panel so there is little chance the battery will go low. Japan company Medirom Healthcare Technologies tapped Ponti Design Studio to work on the design in partnership with Matrix Industries.

Designer: Andrea Ponti

Mother Bracelet Ponti Design Studio

The Mother Bracelet won’t require any charging. You just have to wear it and maybe bring the wearable device near the window to get power from the sun. The health bracelet works by showing information that matters to you. With this accessory, you can do activities that will empower health and improve your lifestyle.

Mother Bracelet Health Fitness Tracker

The energy revolution has started and the designer acknowledged the need to take advantage of sustainable power. The most accessible source of power is the sun but even without it, your body heat will be enough. More wearable products are also becoming more eco-friendly but not many are attractive. This Mother Bracelet, however, is something that you won’t mind wearing the whole day because of its stylish look.

Mother Bracelet

The Mother Bracelet lets you “bring health closer to you”. It also lets you monitor the health of a loved one which we believe is an awesome thing to do. Good health is important and it’s time for you and me to start thinking about it. There is no need to weigh the pros and cons as there are only benefits.

Mother Bracelet Health Tracker

Caring for loved ones, whether your family, friends, or even colleagues, is perhaps one of the noblest things you can do. You tell the people you know that you care about their health and welfare so you’d want to watch over them. With the MOTHER Bracelet, you can also track the health of other people so you can help them achieve their goals.

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The Mother wearable device isn’t just for your own personal use. Being health-conscious shouldn’t just begin and end with you. You should also help others by asking them to join you or help you with your goals. Getting fit is more fun together with friends who can also keep you in check. You need constant reminders and with this fitness bracelet, you’ll also have other people asking about your health journey.

The Mother Bracelet lets you be the caring family member or friend that you want to be. You don’t just use the fitness accessory for unnecessary talks or activities. You wear it and use it while exercising, working out, resting, or even when sleeping. It can work non-stop 24/7 measuring your sleep, activities, and calories burned.

Mother Bracelet Ponti Design

Mother Bracelet Health Fitness Tracking Device

The Mother Bracelet comes in two color variants: White and Black. MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies has already listed the device on its website. The company behind it said it can make the world healthier in three ways. First, it doesn’t require charging so you don’t have to remove it from your wrist, allowing stress-free health management. The bracelet offers more accessible health through mutual awareness of changes. With other people knowing about your progress or even non-movement, you can feel more motivated to get moving. The kind of awareness the Mother Bracelet requires develops compassion to make everyone around you and yourself healthier.

Ponti Design Studio MEDIROM Healthcare Technologies

The team behind the Mother Bracelet is also releasing a Software Development Kit (SDK). This is so more app developers can integrate MOTHER data and use them in their apps. This kind of data customization to fit apps is important for developers. This allows them to use healthcare data whenever and wherever necessary.

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