This sleep aid device calms you down with ambient and relaxing lights, sounds, and fragrances

The effectiveness of a design can often be measured by how many senses it influences. Multisensorial products work much better at engaging humans, and giving us a much more memorable product experience (there’s an entire TED Talk by Jinsop Lee on it you should definitely check out)… which is why the AROMEO Sense is much more than just a simple night-light, or a white-noise machine.

Designed to help you either relax or focus by engaging multiple senses, the AROMEO Sense uses a combination of light, sound, and aroma therapy to bring down your stress levels. With a simple interface that comprises just three buttons, the AROMEO Sense lets you choose between Sleep, Relax, and Focus modes that work at different times of the day depending on the need of the hour and the activity. The Sleep mode uses melatonin-boosting lights, sedative aromas, and gentle sounds to lull you into a state that helps you drift off easily. The Relax mode works better while you’re meditating or just unwinding after a rough day, with light that help guide your breathing patterns, gentle fragrance, healing sounds to lower your stress levels. The Focus mode helps guide you into a state of wakefulness and awareness, with cool blue lights that stops your body from producing melatonin – the sleep hormone.

The AROMEO Sense’s IoT solution helps target all senses, with its main-hub functioning as a waterless aroma-diffuser and a light-halo around the hub to give your room a wash of ambient light during the day or night, while the app functions as sound machine. The waterless diffuser runs on scent-pods that you simply plug into the device. You can choose your own blend of pods, curating the fragrances you want the AROMEO Sense to disperse, and the same freedom extends to the ability to choose your own soundscapes and light-hues. While the device comes with a ridiculously simple three-button interface, its companion smartphone-app lets you dive further into the device’s functions, choosing your music, blending scents, creating light-gradients, or even designing automated schedules for the AROMEO Sense based on your daily routine… or if you’re looking for something less hands-on but equally effective, you can simply command the AROMEO Sense using your smart-home setup by telling your smart-speaker or phone’s voice-assistant to calm you down, put you to sleep, or power you up!

Designer: Andrea Ponti

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AROMEO Sense: Smart Sleep Aid and Stress Buster

Aromeo Sense is an all-in-one solution that integrates aroma, light, and sound therapy so you can sleep better and de-stress.

It’s like having your aroma diffuser, mood light, and music app working in sync. The result is a multi-sensory experience.

One-Press Experience

Simply turn on the device and choose from Sleep, Relax, or Focus modules. You can also use AROMEO App or your smart home device to control AROMEO Sense.

How It Works

Meet Aromeo Pods

The Science

Each Aromeo Sense preset module synchronizes the sense of smell, vision, and hearing. The three sensory stimuli work like different notes in an orchestra to produce a song. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts because it creates a holistic experience.

Click Here to Buy Now: $99 $198 (50% off). Hurry, only 5 available exclusively for our YD readers!