Modular planters that let you plug-and-grow all sorts of plants!

Deriving its name from ‘mojura’, the Japanese word for modular, the MOJU planter is a set of modular plug-and-grow planters for indoor plants. It features a two-part design, with a base that holds water, and a switchable upper for the soil and the plant. The MOJU’s die-cast aluminum base remains static while the recycled polycarbonate upper comes with a variety of designs to suit everything from succulents to regular plants and even creepers of multiple volumes and sizes.

The two-part design doesn’t just create an attractive visual contrast, but also lends features to the planter. A static water-holding base allows the planter itself to be self-watering as the soil (which comes in contact with the water bath) draws moisture from below on its own, requiring little to no human intervention. The modular upper allows you to conveniently choose the kind of planter you want based on the plants you have and the visual aesthetic that would suit your house the best!

Designer: Andrea Ponti