Combo lets you choose between drinking water normally or the infused way

When I had a major health scare last year, one of the things that I realized that I needed to do more often is to hydrate well. It sounds silly as we all normally get thirsty and drink liquids every day but what we actually drink makes all the difference in how healthy we can be. And of course, water is the first and foremost thing that we need to drink more of instead of all the sugary drinks that we love to consume.

While regular water is the healthiest of all things, there are also things that we can infuse into it that can help boost things like energy, metabolism, and even just plain hydration. There are a lot of infused water brands and recipes that you can try out there but what if you had a water bottle that can let you switch between drinking the regular kind and then adding a bit of boost to your already refreshing water?

Designers: Edward Sims & Andrea Ceccaroni

That’s the idea behind the Combo reusable water bottle concept. It looks like a regular bottle that you drink out of and it can be if that’s just what you want. But there’s a simple contraption on top that lets you put capsules with concentrated shots of nutritious ingredients like baobab, lucuma, and the still very popular açai. When you insert the capsule and you choose to drink boosted water, a shot from that capsule is included in the water flow through the Venturi effect (letting the liquid flow through a constricted section of a pipe).

Basically when you choose the boosted drink, the ingredients from the capsules are drawn into the regular flow of the water from the bottle, giving you a nutritious and maybe even more delicious drink. Note that not all the ingredients are fully mixed with the water. The concentrate itself remains in the capsule so that you can infuse it anytime you want another boost. It does not say how long the capsule will last but it depends of course how often you boost and how much you use each time.

As someone who now (finally) drinks a lot of water, both regular and infused, having one water bottle instead of two alternating ones can be pretty useful. The design itself looks pretty good and doesn’t seem too messy when using the capsules but how it performs in real-life conditions is of course something altogether different but hopefully close to the concept.