This portable coffee grinder is wireless so you can make pour-overs on the go

The All-in-One Coffee Grinder is a handheld, portable coffee grinder with integrated brew methods for coffee on the go.

When it comes to coffee, the less we have to think about it the better. Just pour, drink, and enjoy. Several different coffee maker designs have come out to ensure our caffeinated experiences are as convenient as possible. From stackable coffee to siphon coffee makers, the possibilities are endless.

Designer: Locus Hsu

Coffee makers tend to be multifunctional by design, merging brew and drip mechanisms into one machine, but integrated grinders are always missing. Noticing a gap in the market, Locus Hsu conceptualized their All-in-One Coffee Grinder, a portable, electric coffee grinder that also incorporates brew methods.

Scaling the machine down to a handheld device, Hsu’s All-in-One Coffee Grinder is about the same size as a conventional, reusable water bottle. Suitable for a camping retreat or overnight road trip, the All-in-One Coffee Grinder can be packed into any suitcase or carry-on for a quick cup of coffee when the mood hits. Comprised of three primary modules, the All-in-One Coffee Grinder keeps its power core and key control interface towards the topmost module, just above the loading tray.

At its center, the All-in-One Coffee Grinder hosts its loading compartment which users can fill with coffee beans to grind. From there, users can twist the top module for grinding. Before spilling into the filter extraction cup, a dust covering sifts the coffee grinds.

Ending up in the filter extraction cup, users can then untwist the Coffee Grinder to pour hot water over the grinds and make a cup of coffee. The bottommost compartment is the All-in-One Coffee Grinder’s capacity cup that works like a reusable travel mug.

The All-in-One Coffee Grinder is portable and electric by design.

Integrated interfaces allow for precision control during the grinding process.

Adjustment dials provide different grinding modes to accommodate different drinks.

Chargeable via USB port, the All-in-One Coffee Grinder can be used wirelessly.

The All-in-One Coffee Grinder comes with a felt carrying case.