This mug has an earthbound design that gives your lips a taste of heaven

This finely crafted mug makes earth and wood meet in a symphony of texture designed to be a treat to your fingers as well as your sensitive lips.

When it comes to beverages, a lot of attention is naturally poured on the quality of the drink, its texture, its temperature, and even its viscosity. Those qualities, of course, will make or break a drink, no matter what you drink it from. Our lips, however, first come into contact with the surface of a glass, cup, or mug, and that first impression could set the mood for the entire experience. That’s the kind of first engagement that this beautiful minimalist mug tries to perfect in a design that is seemingly full of contrasts blended in an almost divine way.

Designer: HMM Project

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Our lips are one of the most sensitive parts of our bodies, almost on the same level as our fingertips. Anyone who has accidentally taken a sip of a hot beverage will attest to that discomfort, even before the liquid hits the tongue. It’s a bit surprising, then, that many drinkware doesn’t seem to pay special attention to the quality of the rim of the glass or cup. As long as they don’t cut into the person’s lips, they’re considered to be fine.

The HMM Mugr, in contrast, gives the lips their due. To be fair, it didn’t single out how the lips touch the mouth of the mug, but the soft texture that greets the person’s mouth is a product of the mug’s design. Made of quality Japanese ceramic, the body of the mug is warm to the touch and soft to the lips, creating the perfect atmosphere for a relaxing drink even before you take the first sip.

You wouldn’t actually know that the Mugr is made of that fine material just by looking at it. The mug may try to take your drinking experience to new heights, but its humble appearance is almost literally down to earth. The glaze makes the body of the mug look like it’s made from cast iron, a material that is often viewed as cold, which nicely contrasts with ceramic’s natural warmth.

The wooden handle is another point of contrast. The fine walnut’s lighter tone and random grains are juxtaposed against the uniform appearance of the mug’s cast iron finish. Its textured surface also gives a better grip compared to the smoothness of the ceramic body.

Earth meets wood, and earth meets heaven in a yin yang of contrasting elements that balance each other gracefully. The HMM Mugr isn’t just a drinking vessel, nor is it just a pretty mug. With its minimalist design, smart choice of materials and finishes, and acute attention to detail, the mug tries to elevate your drinking experience, creating a sense of harmony and balance in every sip — a perfect way to enjoy a relaxing drink after a long day.

Click Here to Buy Now: $60